Have you seen the pet food recalls or heard of pets dying from eating the "foods"? Is this what you want for your animals? If not, then we are happy to help. We have coached many pet owners on getting started with raw feeding. It does seem weird at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy. Many animals take to raw food immediately and others require time and patience. Animals which have become "carb- hooked" may not initially recognize meat as food. Remember, we were beginners too and have battled through the brainwashing, the strange feelings of feeding raw meat to our domestic animals and the skepticism of our family and veterinarians. Many respected veterinarians are in favor of raw feeding. Though many others are unwilling to challenge what they have always been told, so may not support your choice. We do sell raw food for cats and dogs, but our main focus isn't simply to make a sale. We want to provide the best food available and to help our clients with the individual needs of their pets.  Please don't just take our word for it that cats and dogs should be eating muscle meat, bone & organ meat. Please take a look at the websites below and then perform your own searches on raw feeding.

Raw Feeding

This may come as a surprise, but cats and dogs are carnivores.  ‚ÄčTheir digestive systems are not designed for grains or cooked and processed foods. In fact, these things are responsible for so many illnesses including allergic reactions, infections, diabetes and cancer.‚Äč

Would you feed meat to a horse.......?

Then, why would you feed grain to a cat or dog......?

Almost sounds silly. But millions of people have been brainwashed by pet food companies to feed kibble and canned food (aka "junk") to their cats and dogs. Now the companies are taking grain out of their kibble and pronouncing these as healthy. In the words of Dr. Jeannie Thomason, Veterinary Naturopath, "Kibble is kibble, is STILL kibble". Ever read the ingredients on the label? Do you know what all of those things are? Those "foods" are still cooked and processed to death after which some semblance of nutrients must be artificially added back in and sprayed on.