Litter born February 3, 2021

Three kittens (2 LH boys / 1 SH girl)

GC Kasanovakatz Zenyah

Kasanovakatz Zaylah


Litter born January 5, 2021

Five longhairs (2 boys & 3 girls)

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CH Kasanovakatz Breenah

GC, BW, NW, SGC Kasanovakatz Reynah

CFA Cat of the Year - 2018

Kasanovakatz Ethyn

(Reynah son)

Seal Sepia Shaded Silver SH 

GC, RW, BW Miamber Im It and a Bit

AU Import

Litter born December 16, 2020

5 longhairs (4 boys & 1 girl)


Just bred.  Kittens would be due in early May. We are not accepting reservations for this litter at this time.

Kasanovakatz Excalibur

Seal Sepia Shaded Silver LH 

Kasanovakatz Excalibur

‚Äč(Reynah son)

Seal Sepia Shaded Silver LH