Kasanovakatz Burmillas

Welcome to Kasanovakatz, home of our Burmillas! We are a small CFA & TICA registered hobby cattery located in North East Washington and breed quality Burmillas for showing, breeding and pets. Our cats are raised underfoot in a loving home and eat an all raw food diet as nature intended. Once you receive your Burmilla kitten from us, the care and attention does not cease.  We are always available to answer any questions or to assist you in the event the need arises.  We encourage all of our adopters to keep in regular contact. We appreciate and look forward to receiving photos, emails, cards and letters, so that we can watch our kitten grow with you! 

GC, NW,  BW, SGC, RW  Kasanovakatz Reynah, DM 

Portrait by RaeMarie Schneider

Captivating  Beauty

Remarkable Temperament